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Who Are We

A Virtual Writing Critique with Lo will give you a complete picture of the storytelling elements you may be missing, mechanics of writing that can be improved, and actionable advice to help you implement it all. 

"The Virtual Feedback Session with Lo was BEYOND any support and clarity I've gotten from any other writing course or editor!" 

- Monica M.

This Session Is For You If:

  • You feel like your story is missing something but you're not sure what

  • You feel like your writing isn't good enough to tell the story you want to tell

  • You're looking for direct, immediately applicable feedback on your story

What You Get

Virtual Coaching Session (1)_edited.jpg

Big Picture Notes & Areas of Improvement

This is where I take a step back to look at how your writing is working on a story level and what (if any) writing mechanical issues need to be fixed!

Virtual Coaching Session (1)_edited.jpg

This is where you get in-the-margins advice and recommendations for improving your story. You'll see exactly where and how to make quick but impactful changes! 

Virtual Coaching Session (1)_edited.jpg

In this portion, I do a deep dive on your manuscript to explain not only what I recommend improving but how to do it with easy and clarity!!

Feedback in the Margins

A Video Recording of My In-Depth Analysis

You also get 7 days of Voxer Coaching so you can get all of your questions answered ASAP & never feel lost as you integrate your feedback!

Still Have Questions?

Shoot Lo a message and she will get back to you ASAP!!


  • Let's be FB Friends!

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