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This is a program that I've been thinking about for SO long and I couldn't be more freaking excited to share with you!! 


I wanted to do this program because, honestly, most romance writers I meet think that they're nailing their romance story but they make some critical mistakes:


  • They don't have ALL the required genre beats and conventional scenes that MAKE a romance an ACTUAL ROMANCE (If you're missing these pieces of your story, your book may have romance but it won't be considered a romance by readers & publishers)

  • They're missing the THEME and character wounds that give their romance story a deeper meaning

  • They don't use tropes to their fullest advantage

  • AND  most writers forget that this goes for your MAIN plot ANDDDD your subplot. YES, YOUR SUBPLOT NEEDS TO HAVE THESE CONVENTIONS TOO!!


I'm soo connected to this offer because I see people hustle so hard on their story only to be totally let down when readers don’t like it and publishers don't ever get back to you OOORRR (possibly even worse still...) you never actually finish it or feel satisfied with how it turned out.


You spend ALL this time working on a story only to need to redo it. It's wasted time, wasted energy and I want to be able to save you that headache.




a lightbulb goes off. Suddenly, their story makes sense. They

have clarity in the direction they need to go, what they want to write, and how to write it INSANELY well.

They also become sooo confident in every freaking story that they put out because they have the basic framework that KEEPS working for them so they can write any story that they want!!


Using this formula you'll also learn how to use your unique story and POV to attract more readers and sell more books!!


This is THE writing program for romance writers who are DONE wasting time, energy, and ideas on stories that don't pan out. There is literally NO other writing program on the internet that delivers this kind of POTENT knowledge and ACTIONABLE tips.u


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The Details:

3 x 90-Minute Trainings Held On Zoom 

Exclusive, Members-Only Facebook Group

Live Q+A For More Individualized Support

Lifetime Replay Access

*Optional Upgrade* VIP virtual writing critique to effectively apply the learned material directly to your story

WE START 6/28 @ 6:00 PM CST

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