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verb       /ˈɡōstrīt/

To write (material) for someone else who is the named author.

Listen, there are just some things like, for example, riding a unicycle, learning Portuguese, and writing a book are just plain hard. We know because, well, I barely passed Spanish and we've written a book or two (or over twenty... but who's really counting?) and we know first-hand how challenging it can be to navigate the process alone. 

While I can't help too much with your Spanish or unicycle dreams, I can undoubtedly help you create the book you've been scheming, dreaming, and plotting up for years. 

There's no shame in hiring a ghostwriter. Especially one who is committed to making your wisdom, words, and story shine through the page.

To be considered as a Ghostwriting Client, please fill out the application below and Lo will be in touch within 24 hours.

(& don't worry- your secret is safe with us!)

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Ghostwriting Client Application
About how many hours have you already spent on the project?

Lo & her team will be in touch soon!

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