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The Creative Writers Collective
is a 12-month Group Coaching Program that will help you finish & publish your book with total confidence in your story & yourself!!!!


After years of studying storytelling and writing over 20 books in the last year of nearly EVERY genre, I've learned what REALLY matters in the world of writing and publishing.


I'm bringing you the FOUNDATIONAL storytelling skills and the POTENT tools to improve your writing that have helped me go from struggling writer to full-time paid author!!!

When You Enroll In The Collective, You Get:

12 Months of Programs & Masterclasses

(view the schedule here)

12 Monthly Challenges

(view a sample syllabus here)

12 Monthly Book Club Meetings

Weekly Writing Sprints

Plus TONS of bonuses, guest speakers, and other cool stuff!!

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Meet Your Instructor, Lo

I'm a bestselling ghostwriter, author, and a dedicated writing coach.


When I first started writing after struggling for years on stories that I never finished, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands (thanks COVID). 

At first, I had no clue what I was doing since I had never been a paid writer before. But, I found my first few clients and soon I found myself getting project requests and building a waitlist. 

I was able to learn the FOUNDATIONAL skills that have helped me go from struggling writer to paid author!!!

Now, in The Creative Writers Collective, I want to give you all those same tools and skill!!!

What Clients Say About Our Classes!!

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